Indiana German Heritage Society

Indiana German Heritage Society is a non-political, long-lived society dedicated to preserve and celebrate Indiana’s German heritage in and around Indianapolis. A full 40% of all Indiana residents have a German ancestry, and the German influence runs rife through all aspects of Hoosier life.

Located in the heart of Indy, the Indiana German Heritage Society has its headquarters in the historic Athenaeum Building (also known as “Das Deutsche Haus” – “The German House”) in downtown Indianapolis.

The rich, delightful German culture in Indianapolis is very much alive and well, largely due to the continuing efforts of the Indiana German Heritage Society and its predecessors, such as the Athenaeum Turners, the original core group of the German-American community in Indianapolis, at the Athenaeum.

Indiana German Heritage Society video in Indianapolis, Indiana

Affiliated with the Max Kade German-American Center, the IGHS is an important source of support for all the academic, research and service-oriented activities that are carried out within that Center.

IGHS also works to promote and support all the various German-American groups within the Athenaeum, including the Athenaeum museum, which is the primary German heritage showcase in Indianapolis.

Over the decades, the IGHS has collected an impressive amount of books, documents and artifacts related to Indiana’s German heritage, and preserved them with care. They publish a quarterly newsletter and have supported other such publications.

The group is active in community outreach, as are all the various German-American groups of Indianapolis, teaching, entertaining and promoting charitable foundations.

Indiana German Heritage Society
401 E Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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