The Indianapolis Maennerchor: German Choral Music in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Maennerchor Inc. is the oldest men’s choir in America, preserving the tradition of German choral music in Indianapolis for over 150 years. The choir was formed in 1854 by a group of German immigrants to the city, homesick for their beloved Deutschland. Now the group has celebrated its Sesquicentennial with a special spectacular concert. Because of their longevity, The Indianapolis Maennerchor has become a stable and vital part of Indianapolis music.

This men’s choir has weathered the storms of Indianapolis history since before the Civil War. Older than the center of the Circle City, older than the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument that gives Monument Circle its name, this men’s choir has stood the test of time. In its hay-day, performances by the Indianapolis Maennerchor were a highly anticipated social event among the German immigrant Indianapolis community. A choir dedicated to keeping the German musical tradition alive for Indy, the Mannerchor educates about German-American history, heritage and culture.

In its 150 years of life, the Mannerchor men’s choir has called three different buildings in downtown Indianapolis home before they settled into the Athenaeum in the Mass Ave Cultural District. In there “new” home, they have open rehearsals every other Monday evening, inviting the people of Indianapolis to “come as they are” and enjoy “the timeless beauty of male voices” as they sing songs and expound on themes from German culture. However, they rehearse only during the summer months, from May to September, so do not delay in taking your opportunity to hear these men in action.

In addition, the group works closely with the Indiana German Heritage Society and other Indianapolis German societies to put on events around Indianapolis that illuminate German culture for the general public. Because the Indianapolis Maennerchor is an Indianapolis nonprofit group, they rely on the support of the Rathskeller Restaurant, also in the Athenaeum, as well as the Arts Council of Indianapolis to host any events.

Though the group is always on the look out for new members, they have a few stipulations for vocally inclined men who wish to join. You must be interested in:

  • musical development
  • personal satisfaction
  • camaraderie with fellow music lovers
  • performing for an audience
  • participation in a long valued tradition

Members of the Indianapolis Maennorchor are dues paying volunteers. Their professions range from being involved in Indianapolis businesses to Indianapolis arts. But above all else they are an Indianapolis performing arts group dedicated to enriching the culture of their midwestern city.

To learn more about the Indianapolis Maennerchor, to find out when they rehearse or how to become a member of this historic tradition visit their website.

The Indianapolis Maennerchor
401 E Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46204