Max Kade German-American Center

Situated in the Deutsche House at the Athenaeum, the Max Kade Center upholds a lofty tradition of ongoing education in German-American relations and is the foundation for German-American studies in Indianapolis.

In the fascinating annals of Indianapolis history, the influx of German emigants had a profound effect over the generations, almost from the city’s founding. There are, of course, other cultures in Indianapolis society which have entered into the mix, and Indy‘s diversity is a major component of its energetic, eclectic personality.

Max Kade was a prominent Indianapolis businessman who created “Pertussin,” a well-known cough medicine. This scion donated a hefty grant to IUPUI‘s German Department for the development of a research program for German-American studies. Thus, the Max Kade Foundation had a scholarly beginning.

Today the Max Kade Center not only carries out significant research on the deep subject of the German-American heritage, but offers a good collection of related programs and activities as well. The Center is located in downtown Indianapolis, which contains many of the formally designated cultural districts in Indianapolis. The Athenaeum and the Max Kade German-American Center are together considered an important cultural hub within the center of the downtown cultural district.

A system of collaboration with the IUPUI library grants the Center access to the university’s excellent collection of German-Americana, though the Center does possess its own archives, guarded with care through the decades.

There are two other Max Kade Centers for German-American Studies, one in Lawrence, Kansas and the other in Madison, Wisconsin. The scope of the Center’s programs is enormous, and the Center itself has become renowned cultural centerpiece of Indiana.


Max Kade German-American Center
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Max Kade German-American Center
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Max Kade German-American Center
Sudler House
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