RCA Dome: Indianapolis Sports Landmark Now a Memory

For nearly three decades the RCA Dome, formerly known as the Hoosier Dome, occupied a footprint of two city blocks along South Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, right across the street from the Circle Center Mall. From the time it was completed in 1984 until the start of the 2008 season, the RCA Dome was home to the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. Throughout its history, the RCA Dome served as a sporting venue that hosted the Colts, the Purdue Boilermakers, and even the NBA All-Stars. The RCA Dome was originally built as part of an expansion to the Indiana Convention Center, rather than as a stand-alone sports arena.

At the time of completion, the RCA Dome was unique as one of a handful of stadiums with air-supported roofs. The roof was nearly 200 feet high and weighed an astonishing 257 tons. Permanent seating capacity at the RCA Dome was 60,500.

Demolition of the RCA Dome began in 2008, after completion of Lucas Oil Stadium, a retractable roof stadium on the south side of the former RCA Dome. It became the new home of the Indianapolis Colts in 2008. The final demolition on December 20, 2008 made way for an expansion to the Indiana Convention Center. The estimated $275 million renovation and expansion included plans to eventually connect the convention center with Lucas Oil Stadium via a walkway built beneath the nearby railroad tracks.

Video about the demolition of the RCA Dome in Indianapolis


All in all, the RCA Dome was a valuable piece of Indianapolis history and an icon of Indianapolis sports. Though the city has moved on to more modern venues for its sports teams, the RCA Dome will always be remembered.