YMCA of Greater Indianapolis: Serving the Community for 150 Years

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis has been serving communities in and around Indianapolis, Indiana for over 150 years. With several historical facilities and many modern ones, YMCA of Greater Indianapolis and its community branches enrich the lives of Indianapolis kids, seniors, and families within the areas they serve by offering programs in aquatics, sports, personal interest, and promoting Indianapolis health.

Children needing a safe place to go after school, seniors seeking to enrich their lives with new friends, and families looking for a way to spend quality time together all rely on the quality programs offered by their local YMCA’s. The residents of Indianapolis and surrounding areas who work and volunteer at the area’s YMCA clubs are a reflection of the true spirit of community that is alive and well in Indy.  There are eleven YMCA of Greater Indianapolis branches, including the Flat Rock River YMCA Camp in St. Paul. Each of these branches has its own amenities and special programs.

Video of a sample activity at a YMCA of Greater Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana

YMCA at the Athenaeum

401 E Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Baxter YMCA
7900 S Shelby St
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Benjamin Harrison YMCA
5736 Lee Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46216

Butler Intercollegiate YMCA
4600 Sunset Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Fishers YMCA
9012 E 126th St
Fishers, IN 46038

Flat Rock River YMCA Camp
6981 W County Rd 650 N
St Paul, IN 47272

Jordan YMCA
8400 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46240

7114 Lakeview Pkwy West Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Ransburg YMCA
501 N Shortridge Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Urban Mission YMCA
615 N Alabama St, Suite 400
Indianapolis, IN 46204

West District YMCA
7811 W Morris St
Indianapolis, IN 46231