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Martine Bachelart is well known in the Indianapolis art community as a superior colorist who strives for energy and immediacy in her pieces. A heavy leaning toward design influences her work, which can be accurately described as abstract graphics, decorative and contemporary.

As a child growing up in Belgium, she always gravitated toward the arts. A practical bent led her to major in architecture in her college years, and then onward to Industrial Marketing. In Brussels, Martine had the opportunity to work and learn from well known fashion designers and interior decorators, an experience that has affected all her artistic choices ever since.

Not long ago, she moved to the United States with her husband, a championship race car driver, and their two children. Martine spent her first years in the “new country” renovating and redecorating their family home, a venerable old farmhouse from the 1870s in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Now that she and her family have settled in, Martine has gotten back to her artistic roots, painting, sculpting and beading. She calls her style “Kaleidoscope,” which she says also refers to the creative process each piece of art goes through to become a finished work.

A very intimate sort of reverence for light and color shines throughout the body of her work. Her training in design and architecture definitely also exert enormous influence on almost everything she does, being the foundation of her artistic excellence.

Martine Bachelart has divided her work into seven different collections she calls “series.”

  • There is the Dot Series,” inspired by the Aborigine dot paintings, which she labels “Ancestral Inspiration.” A fascinating group of paintings that use dots for decoration and texture.
  • The “Petal Series” is a collection she describes as “Impressionistic Touch in Movement,” or neo-pointillist compositions exploring the world of light through points of color
  • The “Balance Series” is best described in her own words as “exuberant simplicity.” These works rely heavily on a graphic design approach.
  • The “Duo, Trio, Quatuor” series contain pictures meant to be viewed as pairs or more.
  • Her “Freedom Series” is intended to be a collection that communicates pure energy.
  • The “Sophisticated Series” incorporates metal stones and beads.

Martine Bachelart shows her pictures in and around Indiana and several are installed in large venues such as some of the world-famous Indianapolis hotels, as well as in private collections and some of the fine art galleries in Indianapolis. This is an artist to watch and collect who is making inroads in the Indianapolis art world.

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