Amy Cannady | Indianapolis Artist

At the forefront in the Indianapolis art community and respected by her fellow Indianapolis artists, Amy Cannady runs one of the more successful working Indianapolis art galleries, painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media.

About her goals in painting, she says it’s about the spiritual journey for her.

The way this intimate path asserts itself is in the very abstract nature of all of her work. She is a master of color and composition, but there is also something subtly buzzing around inside her pictures that invites the viewer to join her in the moment. She has a clarity of presentation that keeps a loose rein on the seeming chaos of her work, so that it can be a clear statement without confusing elements. It is that kind of ability that gives this artist a solid standing in the Indianapolis art community.

Amy Cannady uses layering and reduction techniques in a way that brings a subtle depth to her pictures, creating three dimensions out of two. There are usually two opposing forces inside her work, but a balance pervades them overall.

Looking at an Amy Cannady piece is somewhat akin to meditation. It’s immediate and pleasing, but what’s underneath is so much more. She approaches painting with an intentionally blank mind, devoid of all intention except to create and remain open to the potential of the painting.

Amy grew up in the spacious countryside of Indianapolis, Indiana, then lived in several large cities, such as Dallas, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University and the art Mecca of New Mexico, Santa Fe.

In 2005, she went back to her roots to live in Indy, where she has her home studio inside the Stutz Artists Association Center. In 2008, an opportunity arose for her to open another working studio in Dallas.

Amy Cannady‘s work is permanently installed in private homes and Indianapolis businesses, and it is shown in prestigious galleries nationwide, such as the Editions Limited Gallery in the Broad Ripple cultural district, the Gallery KH in Chicago, and the Edge Gallery in Santa Fe, along with her own working studios in Indianapolis and Dallas.

For more information on Amy Cannady and her work, please visit the artist’s  homepage.

Amy Cannady Studio
1075 Broad Ripple Ave #303
Indianapolis, IN

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