Pat Gaines-Mills | Indianapolis Artist

The artwork of Pat Gaines-Mills is categorized as contemporary abstract. She has a strong background in illustration which affects her artistic choices, but her work goes far beyond the graphic side of art and has its foundation in fine artwork. She maintains a working studio in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a recognized member of the Indianapolis art community.

Captivated by all the various elements of artistic expression, Pat has mastered her technique and is able to display unearthly, colorful and profound pictures full of life and light. She says she tries through her paintings to “stimulate an array of emotions and feelings in the conscious and subconscious mind” of the viewer.

Her work has been shown in galleries all over the world, including London, England, New York City and Indianapolis, and she has taught art at both the Orchard School and Indiana Public Schools.

Recently, Pat created a stress management program to help counteract some behavioral problems evidenced by her students in the classroom. The program employs creative expression in art and music, particularly jazz and classical.

The first seminar was an overwhelming success, and Pat went on to create a series of five more such programs, each of which addresses separate behavioral problems, such as anger and pain management and self esteem issues.

A glance at Pat’s biography sufficiently portrays a person who is serious about art as a way of life. A glance at her paintings corroborates that. They are brilliant and ethereal explorations of the world of form, color and texture, and they are done with painstaking care and love.

Patricia Gaines-Mills
Studio One Nice
1142 Blue Bird Dr
Indianapolis, Indiana 46231

Visit her website:

Indianapolis Art

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