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Amy Kindred is a theologian in Indianapolis who incorporates making art into her spiritual journey. She finds solace and emotional balance through her creative processes. In her words, “To create imagery that hints at a grin and sometimes screams with joy is my defense against the darkness that is part of the human condition.”

Her work is bright and bold, exacting an immediate response in the viewer with the impact of its high energy. She works in acrylics, oil, pastel and various mixed media in abstract, representational and the expressionistic styles. She luxuriates in the play and fascination of form and the richness of color.

This artist has a freshness that is essential to the contemporary art platform, and the very simplicity of her vision makes her work all the more accessible to the viewer. Every piece she does, whether she is depicting flowers waving in the breeze or cubes forming a building, is infused with life and glory.

Amy Kindred holds a Master of Theological Studies with an emphasis in art and religion, and has accumulated several honors in the form of awards and residencies. Needless to say, this artist has carved out a nice place for herself in the Indianapolis art community.

She has been involved in the administration of several art centers and given lectures in Indy about the symbols of world religious art. At present, Amy offers workshops on Van Gogh and Kahlo around the theme of living the creative life, a great addition to the Indianapolis art scene.

Her writings encompass these titles: Twelve Writers from the Heartland, The Hunger for Hope: Spiritual Journeys of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo and Anthology of Inspirational Writing.

Amy Kindred
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