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Carla Knopp is the owner and operator of the CK Art Company located in Indy, where the artist grew up. She was self-taught as a child from the Foster series of art lessons, later receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Herron School of Art, with an emphasis in studio painting.

Carla Knopp creates paintings and murals in abstract themes. She generally likes to categorize her pictures in groups that share the same motifs. Thus far, she has created three separate series whose paintings share the following themes:

The “Mount” series has as its source the idea of absurd structures, which she constructs in paint. All of the series are variations on the same theme: a mound of some sort, decorated with various textures and a form at the top, like a geographical cherry.

The”Love Hovels” is a series that Carla herself labels “creepy.” It contains pictures that depict the detritus of human activity. She calls them “chaotic snippets of unknowable lives.”

Carla’s “Minor Deities” series has as its foundation the suggestion of a central deity. This might come out as a shape or as an event frozen in time and space. All the paintings in this series are bound by round or polygonal edges.

There is one other grouping of Carla’s work which she calls “Intuitive Diggings.” She says the process for these paintings was not guided by a sense of theme, but rather one of “blind experimentation,” more intuitive than considered.

These days, Carla devotes herself to her Indianapolis, Indiana art shop, the CK Art Company, which specializes in murals and wall finishes. Collaboration is the key to her success in this endeavor, and the CK Art Company has turned out some stunning murals since its inception in 2001, work that has earned a solid place in the Indianapolis art community.

She started painting murals in 1995, however, after being commissioned to produce exhibition murals for the Indiana State Museum. This talented artist has murals and paintings in permanent installations around the state. She has expanded her repertoire to accommodate even the most eclectic requests, recently fulfilling a commission for a “stargazer ceiling” which would glow in the dark.

Apart from all this, Carla has made time to be a founding member of the 431 Gallery and to direct and edit a TV show called “Utrillo-Vision during the 1990s. The Indianapolis art world is lucky to have this artist as a contributor.

Carla Knopp
CK Art Company
P.O. Box 11084
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Phone: (317) 375-0876

Visit her website:

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