Josh McRoberts Forward/Center for the Indiana Pacers

Josh McRoberts plays as a power forward/center for NBA’s Indiana Pacers. He was born in 1987 in Indianapolis, Indiana and ended up spending time back home in the state capital playing, after a circuitous route in Oregon and Idaho.

McRoberts began distinguishing himself in high school basketball, in the nearby suburb of Carmel, Indiana. While there, he produced an outstanding record for both rebounding and scoring, and was deemed the number one high school prospect for power forwards during his senior year.

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Though he would likely have been drafted if he had declared himself eligible straight out of high school, Josh McRoberts opted to attend Duke University in North Carolina, where he again played several impressive seasons for the Duke Blue Devils.

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In 2006, the athlete had a lumbar discectomy to relieve a back problem that had been plaguing him since high school. The operation was a success, and he went on to finally declare eligibility in 2007 for the NBA draft. Chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers, he performed consistently well, after playing for the Idaho Stampede for a brief period.

Josh McRoberts was traded to the Indiana Pacers, thus finding himself “back home again in Indiana,” where he continues to be one of the notable people of Indianapolis and an important figure in Indianapolis sports and Indianapolis basketball.