Marquis Daniels |Indiana Pacers Shooting Guard

The 6’6″ shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers, Marquis Daniels, has become something of a star even apart from his pro-basketball career. The main reason would have to be the many tattoos on his body, including a somewhat startling drawing of a man committing suicide with a shotgun. Born in Orlando, Florida in 1981, Daniels also decided at some point to have a detailed map of Florida tattooed all over his back.

Video about Indiana Pacers player, Marquis Daniels
in Indianapolis, Indiana


This interesting and undisputedly talented though inconsistent Indianapolis basketball player had a low-key approach to the sport throughout high school and most of college, and was a second-round pick for pro basketball when the time came.

Though he was chosen for the NBA All-Rookie Second Team, Marquis Daniels has yet to set himself apart with consistently brilliant playing for the Pacers of Indiana, where he has been a defensive end. Having been very recently signed, however, Daniels still has the best part of his career ahead of him. Once he finds his groove, he will be a major Indianapolis sports figure.