Mike Dunleavy Indiana Pacers Forward

Mike Dunleavy, Jr. plays forward for the Indiana Pacers, based out of Indianapolis. Born in 1980, he is the son of the well-known NBA player and coach, Mike Dunleavy.

In college basketball, Dunleavy distinguished himself at Duke University, playing on their championship team and racking up some records.

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Dunleavy, along with several Warriors teammates, was dealt over to the Indiana Pacers, where he is now playing.

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A second generation basketball star, Mike Dunleavy has proved himself a tough player with great genes. Renowned in the high-flown atmosphere of Indianapolis basketball, he is finds himself one of the more famous residents of Indianapolis well before he has reached middle age.

A rising star from his college basketball days playing on the national championship team for Duke University, his then coach called Dunleavy “the most versatile player we’ve had here since Grant Hill.” Dunleavy was signed to the Golden State Warriors for a five-year contract in 2005, after being selected in their 2002 draft. He was moved to the Indiana Pacers in 2007, and has since become a recognizable player in Indianapolis sports.