Encounters Biome

Inside the Indianapolis Zoo Encounters Biome, wondrous experiences happen every day. This is the area the Indy Zoo has set aside for real life human-animal interactions, the kind lifelong memories are made of.

As you watch your kids pet the incredibly soft, thick coat of a llama, feel what a live snake’s skin is like, nuzzle the muzzle of a coatimundi or pet a pygmy goat, you won’t be able to resist doing the same yourself. Indianapolis kids and adults alike will remember a visit to the Encounters Biome in Indianapolis for a long time to come.

The Encounters Biome contains these exhibits and residents:

Outside pens: ponies and horses, cows, sheep and llamas

Barn and kennel: rabbits, miniature donkeys, miniature horses, Shetland ponies, pigs and piglets

Petting yard: Guinea pigs, Nubian and African pygmy goats, exotic chickens, dairy calves and rabbits

Critter Corner: This is a very special space set aside for very close encounters with critters. Zookeepers help visitors see small animals on a big counter surface, while disseminating educational information on the creatures’ care and behavior patterns.

At the Indianapolis Zoo, a main goal is bridging the gap between humans and animals. Toward that goal, this Indianapolis attraction offers various rides for a small fee. At the Indianapolis Zoo, your child can ride a pony or a safari-themed roller coaster in the same day. Or you can take the whole family on one of the Zoo’s interesting narrated train rides, and Indianapolis education experience your kids will love.

A home video of the Indianapolis Zoo Encounters Biome in Indianapolis

Shows: Continuing the theme of solidifying the human-animal connection, the Indianapolis Zoo Encounters Biome mounts daily in-season animal shows and “chat sessions” with the zookeepers. The Amphitheatre next to the Commons Area is where most of these shows take place; the remainder are located in the Encounters Arena, a larger space for big animals such as elephants.

ZooMobile: Community outreach is very important to the folks at the Indianapolis Zoo. They have therefore devised the ZooMobile, a special program that takes a specially chosen group of animals outside the Zoo to various Indianapolis schools and other groups throughout the state of Indiana. You might arrange for a certain animal, such as an African serval cat, to make an appearance at a birthday party. Or a children’s library might arrange for the ZooMobile to come out and do a special program on birds of prey, or snakes and reptiles.

Altogether, the Indianapolis Zoo is a great force in forging a better connection between man and beast. The Encounters Biome isn’t the only specialized environment at the Indianapolis Zoo. There are four other biomes for visitors to immerse themselves in: the Deserts Biome, the Forest Biome, the Oceans Biome, and the Plains Biome.

For more information on the Indianapolis Zoo’s Encounters Biome, please visit the zoo’s homepage.

The Indianapolis Zoo
1200 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46222


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