Oceans Biome

The Indianapolis Zoo Oceans Biome is home to one of the premier aquariums in the nation. Formerly known as the World of Waters Building, this section of the Indianapolis Zoo is now simply known as the Oceans Biome. It’s one of the coolest things to do in Indianapolis.

When visitors first walk in, they find themselves inside the “OneAmerica Foundation Entry Gallery,” a large hallway designed in monotones of deep aquamarine blues. This hall contains an aquarium that occupies one wall, plus a lovely reflecting pool.

Next is the Efroymson Gallery, where visitors come upon a large shark tank containing shark pups constantly on the move in their own ocean environment. It’s a slightly eerie sight which is sure to send pleasant shivers of fear down the spines of Indianapolis kids and adults alike. Equally as creepy is the Reef Exhibit, featuring green and purplemouth moray eels and ephemeral jellies, floating surreal and serene in their dark, watery homes.

Continuing through the Oceans Biome building, visitors will come upon the area’s biggest draw: the shark touch pool in the Firestone Gallery. Kids love this exhibit, and so do adults, where they can interact in person with a school of friendly, (yes, friendly), dog sharks.

A video of the Indianapolis Zoo Oceans Biome in Indianapolis


The next exhibit is the Indianapolis Power and Light Company Seahorse display, comprised of huge aquarium tanks that house three different seahorse species: the Longsnout, the Lined and the Potbelly Seahorses. Visitors get to walk all the way around the three holding tanks for a 360-degree view.

But the Oceans Biome visitors aren’t done yet, not by a long shot. More tanks in the form of the Oceans Connections exhibit are next on the visitors’ walk. This is a huge collection of diverse ocean creatures, living together as they do in their natural habitat.

After that comes the ever-popular penguin exhibit, where one can view penguins thriving in their replicated habitat. Three different species of penguins live in harmony in this area: king penguins, gentoo penguins and rockhopper penguins.

Also perennial favorites are the Marine Mammal exhibits, which include gray and harbor seals, sea lions and polar bears, all in animal-friendly environments. The very last exhibit in the Oceans building is a huge aquarium that allows visitors to view the Indy Zoo’s collection of polar bears underwater, truly an impressive sight. All the displays in Oceans Biome offer detailed and informative signs about every exhibit.

This fabulous section of the Indianapolis Zoo offers delighted visitors up close and personal interactions with the endlessly fascinating world of our planet’s oceans, underlining the connection – rather than the alien nature we sometimes perceive – of all beings.

The Oceans Biome isn’t the only unique environment at the Indianapolis Zoo. There are four such exhibits: the Encounters Biome, the Forest Biome, the Deserts Biome, and the Plains Biome. Visit them all to get the full Indianapolis Zoo experience!

For more information on the Indianapolis Zoo Oceans Biome, please visit the zoo’s homepage.

The Indianapolis Zoo
1200 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46222


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