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Zachary Lopez, an Indianapolis artist, has an eye for the idealized, which he tries to express in all of his creative work, whether realistic or abstract, paintings, drawings or sculptures.

Working primarily in oils and acrylics, Zachary Lopez seeks to instill a particular emotional quality in his art, and in this he succeeds best through his many representations of the male figure.

There is, he freely admits, more than a little influence of pop culture in his work, as well as a healthy portion of angst. Faces in his figures are generally nondescript, kept that way consciously to encourage the viewer’s personal identification.

Strolling through a gallery hung with Zachary Lopez paintings, one might be shocked at times by the grim and graphic nature of some of his portrayals. A good example would be the painting of a young man in just a long sleeved white shirt with his back to the viewer, who has just finished cutting his right wrist in several parallel slices. The scene is further illustrated by the use of two inset close-ups, one of the bloody moment itself.

As the artist himself reminds us, “We are all on an arduous path of survival and climbing upwards. I hope that others can connect in realizing how much they too are emotionally suffering…”

Not all of Zachary’s’ pieces are so fraught with the frightening images. Many of his idealized figures are at peace or, at the very least, waiting for peace to come along.

His work has received much recognition in Indianapolis, and he has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Herron School of Art and Design. He is one of the more respected artists in the Indy area, a good example of the outstanding, fresh nature of art in Indianapolis.

Zachary Lopez
Phone: (317) 225-3716

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