Indy Irish Festival

For Indiana festival-goers, the Indy Irish Fest is one of the most eagerly anticipated Indianapolis events of the year. Taking place in late September, it’s one last chance for Indianapolis residents to enjoy the fading rays of the summer sun while soaking up some culture among the lush scenery of Military Park. From sunrise to late into the evening, attendees of this widely popular event can take part in all kinds of Irish fun, ranging from sheep herding expeditions to a rugby tournament to a traditional Celtic Mass.

Video of Scottish Bagpipes at the Indianapolis Irishfest in Indianapolis, Indiana

As any good Irishman knows, there’s nothing more fun than engaging in some spirited conversation while enjoying good Irish whiskey or a pint of Guinness. If you’re looking to try out an authentic Irish drink accompanied by a hot plate of fish and chips, the Irish Fest is the place for you. A number of local Irish pubs and restaurants, including the Claddagh Irish Pub, Fionn MacCool’s, and Murphy’s Steakhouse, are all on hand to provide hungry crowds with the finest assortment of traditional fare Indy has to offer. For those with lighter appetites, The Ancient Order of Hibernians presents an array of Irish snacks along with a more universal favorite-ice cream!

After enjoying time-honored Irish fare and working it off in various competitions, the only thing left to do is take in the atmosphere as the sun begins to set. Visit the family area and be greeted by Irish Breed Dogs ready to play-Irish Wolfhounds, setters, and terriers are all ready and waiting to beg for your attention. Lively music from local Irish bands can be heard drifting through the park starting early each afternoon, and builds to an enthusiastic pinnacle at the end of each evening. So add a little variety to your usual weekend routine and drop by the Irish Fest; bring a hearty appetite and a sense of adventure!

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