Emma Donnan Boys & Girls Club

When it’s just too cold to go outside and play, what do Indianapolis children do? Some of them get to go inside and play at the Boys & Girls Club.

This is an adult-supervised place where member kids can come after school, clear their minds from school and home troubles, get help with homework, set goals, learn the value of practice and make good friends.

Commercial about the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Emma Donnan Boys & Girls Club has a nice big building with a full gym and lots of rooms for other activities. Some of these activities include ping pong, pool, martial arts and teaching and discussion groups.

Emma Donnan Boys & Girls Club is located at Emma Donnan Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana. The club is free and open only to kids who are student attending Emma Donnan Middle School, IPS #72. Emma Donnan Boys & Girls Club meets Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. during the school year.

They say the Boys & Girls Club saves lives. We believe them.


Emma Donnan Boys & Girls Club
1202 E Troy Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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