Indianapolis Children’s Choir: Bringing Song to the World

The Indianapolis Children’s Choir strives, through the worthy means of creating beautiful Indianapolis music, to enrich the lives of the Indianapolis children who produce it. Excellence in choral music comes only through years of practice and a sense of teamwork; both of these are qualities that will stand the young singers in good stead throughout their lives. Concomitant byproducts are great discipline and self-esteem, not to mention an appreciation for music that’s sure to last a lifetime.

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Based out of Butler University in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir has worked with thousands of kids throughout Central Indiana for over two decades, mounting an energetic slate of performances every year at Indianapolis music venues and other locations all over the state. Some 325 Indianapolis schools are represented within the 1,500-member choir, and they come from near and far, including not only the inner city of Indy but all of the outlying Indianapolis suburbs and beyond.

Along with their normal ambitious concert season, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir has performed with various luminaries, including the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Dance Kaleidoscope, the Indianapolis Opera, Judy Collins, Celine Dion, the Chieftains, the Canadian Brass, and the Moscow Chamber Orchestra.

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Every year, this Indianapolis musical organization somehow finds time to squeeze in a memorable tour, taking the kids to places they might otherwise never have the chance to see, including Europe, South America, Ireland, Scotland, England and Russia, to name a few.

Back home in Indianapolis, the ICC makes it a point to take part in numerous noteworthy civic and social Indianapolis events. They have participated, for example, in programs honoring visiting Presidents, in the Indiana Living Legends Award Gala, in the Tenth Pan Am Games and in the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial dedication.

Indianapolis sports are big in the city, and the Indianapolis Children’s Choir gets invited to be part of all the mayhem on a regular basis. Many of these events are nationally televised, such as the US Grand Prix, the NCAA Final Four Championship game and the Solheim Cup tournament, an international event.

Video of the 2009 Indianapolis Children’s Choir Summer Festival in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s rehearsals take place in various rooms of Lilly Hall at Butler University. The organization is divided into the following groups and subgroups, according to age:

Early Childhood Division
This group contains two subgroups. One is called “First Steps in Music,” and is open to preschool children. The other subgroup is called the “Preparatory Program,” open to children from the first to the fourth grades. None of the kids in the Early Childhood Division are required to audition. The course is geared first to instill a delight in music in the little ones, then to train them in the basics of melody and rhythm.

Children’s Choir Division
In this extremely popular division, there are fourteen full choirs, eight meeting at Butler University and six meeting in the various towns on the outskirts of Indianapolis. These choirs are for kids from grades four through nine, but one of this division’s choirs, the Cantantes Angeli, admits singers up to grade twelve. This division includes various community outreach programs and partnerships with groups such as the Indianapolis Charter Schools and the St. Vincent Unity Development Center. All singers in this division are taught note reading and performance skills.

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High School Division
This category, named the “Indianapolis Youth Chorale,” is for grades ten through twelve.

The Indianapolis Children’s Choir works closely with family members to ensure a positive experience for each child and for the organization as a whole. The Indianapolis Children’s Choir is renowned as one of the most successful children’s choirs across the United States. With over 1,500 participants, its staff is obviously committed to their lofty goals.

For more information on the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, please visit the homepage for this Indianapolis musical organization.

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