T.C. Steele Boys & Girls Club: Helping Indianapolis Kids

T.C. Steele Boys & Girls Club is held at T.C. Steele Elementary IPS #98 in Indianapolis, Indiana; membership costs $10.00 and is open to the public. Any Indianapolis kid, who is a student attending T.C. Steele Elementary School, can take advantage of this great program.

The Boys and Girls Club was founded in Indianapolis in 1893. It started as a Boys Club of Indianapolis and Employment Association. With two basement rooms for rent, two women were intent on seeing that neighborhood boys had a place to bathe and get something hot to eat. Over time, word got out, and boys started showing up on their doorstep in droves. In just five short years, their membership had ballooned to nearly 600 boys.

Boys & Girls Club if Indianapolis Commercial

Over the next decade, the Boys Club expanded further, gaining more and more public funding. They set up domains of refuge for boys all over the Circle City and the surrounding Indianapolis metro area. By 1989, Girls were allowed into the club in Noblesville, Indiana, a milestone for thousands of young girls also in need of help and guidance. By the middle of the nineties, Eli Lilly and Company helped to found the Lilly Club, part of a $4.5 million dollar campaign to refurbish clubs all over Indy.


By 2005, teen clubs popped up decorated with Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers memorbilia, new furniture and video games. As a safe place for teenagers to socialize off the city streets, the teen clubs’ popularity boomed.

The T.C. Steele Boys and Girls Club shares in the history of Indianapolis boys clubs. It serves the Indianapolis communtiy on the East side of Indianapolis downtown, just outside the loop. It offers programs geared towards many different developmental needs of children. Their Character and Leadership Development program stresses the importance of being a strong but giving leader. They have a program focused on Education and Career Development for older boys and girls entering the workforce or struggling with school.

The teach Health and Lifestyle skills to children, who may have not yet had to opportunity to learn about how to live a healthy life. They even have a program for kids interested in developing their creative brain; their Arts program gives kids an expressive outlet they may not find elsewhere. And for every young kid who loves running around they even host a Sports and Fitness program, teaching children the value of staying active in a fun way. These programs are helping to create future leader in Indianapolis arts, Indianapolis sports, Indianapolis media, and Indianapolis health.

Club hours at the T.C. Steele Boys and Girls Club are Monday through Friday 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. during the school year. For more information on how you can get involved with this wonderful Indianapolis nonprofit organization, visit their website here.

Mailing Address:

T.C. Steele Boys & Girls Club
IPS #98, T.C. Steele Elementary School
3698 Dubarry Road
Indianapolis, IN 46226