Hiking, Biking, and Trail Walking

Like any city of at least moderate size, Indianapolis has a vast network of public transportation. Citizens of other cities may rely on buses, trains, and taxis to get around; while this is also true of Indianapolis, specifically in downtown Indianapolis, the Circle City also has a wealth of trails that require no loud noises, no exhaust, and a good deal of healthy exercise.

Hiking, biking, and trail walking are great ways to get around the city, and, luckily for Indianapolis health nuts, trails and paths are plentiful and well maintained. The Monon Trail is the biggest of these networks, connecting all the great Indianapolis shopping, Indianapolis bars, and Indianapolis restaurants of downtown with the rest of the city.

This popular trail, part of the Indy Greenways, connects dozens of neighborhoods, including the Carmel Monon Trail and the Westfield Monon Trail. It also connects to many commercial areas, as well as other trails and the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It moves straight and true through the city of Indianapolis, past Broad Ripple Village and the White River.

Other excellent Indianapolis biking trails include the Pleasant Run Trail, a seven mile trail on the east side of Indianapolis that connects Garfield Park and several other Indianapolis parks with downtown; the Fall Creek Trail on the northeast side; and the Wapahani, which runs downtown and along the White River.

In the near future, another great place to take part in hiking, biking, and trail walking will be the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, an endeavor that involves the donations of hundreds of Indianapolis businesses, including the founders of the Gene B. Glick Company. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail will connect all of the Indianapolis cultural districts with a eye catching spread of red brick walkways, fountains, and patio areas.

If you’d like to get away from Indianapolis to do some hiking, biking, and trail walking, consider going to any of the numerable Indiana state parks. Each one has a huge number of hiking trails that cover beautiful landscapes like craggy hills, ravines, wetlands, prairies, and deciduous forests. Many of these parks will allow you to bring your mountain bike along, as long as you stay on the trail.