Festival Music Society of Indiana: Promoting Early Music

Established in 1966, the Festival Music Society of Indiana is an Indianapolis musical organization. The Society has produced the Early Music Festival, an Indianapolis festival, since 1967. The organization and festival’s mission is to educate and develop a public understanding and appreciation for “early music”. Indianapolis‘ Festival Music Society was only the second such organization formed in the U.S., and is currently the oldest early music foundation operating on a continual basis.

Indianapolis visitors enjoy the festival’s Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque era music that dates from 900 A.D. to 1800 A.D. These hallmarks of Indianapolis music are complete with period dress and instruments, and may include solos, ensembles, or vocal and dance combinations. The festival is held on an annual basis in June and July, and performances are held at the Indiana History Center in downtown Indianapolis. The Festival Music Society of Indiana makes all this revelry and concert going possible through generous grants and donations.

Informal post-concert receptions allow the audience members and performers to casually interact and discuss the show’s material.  Many amateur and student performers have gained invaluable stage experience as a festival contributor.

Ticket and date information for the Early Music Festival may be found at the Festival Music Society of Indiana‘s homepage.

Festival Music Society of Indiana
3646 Bay Rd, S Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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