Yoga and Pilates Classes – Tone your Spirit

Video about Yoga Classes in Indianapolis, Indiana

Yoga and pilates are great mind-body exercises that can be a great aid for Indianapolis health-minded residents. The mind-body connection means you can use your mind to influence some of your body’s physiological processes, such as heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure and breathing rate, also to decrease physical and mental stress. Some of the benefits of this type of exercise are listed below:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Decrease pain
  • Enhance sleep
  • Increase flexibility and body control
  • Strengthen the immune system and enhance the ability to heal
  • Increase sense of control and well-being

Two mind-body practices that have become popular over the past decade here in Indy include yoga and pilates. Although many gyms in Indianapolis offer both types of classes, many prefer one-on-one time with an instructor in a studio setting. Another perk with joining a yoga/pilates center is the wider range of class times compared to larger Indianapolis health clubs. Yoga is a practice dating back to ancient India. All six different branches of yoga include poses, breathing, and meditation. Practicing members keep coming back to these difficult but soothing classes to attempt to find balance in all aspects of one’s life. Pilates adopts some of the yoga basics but focuses more on core strength, proper spine alignment, and follows six principles of centering, control, flow, breath, precision, and concentration.

No matter if you have been involved with Indianapolis sports your whole life and you’re looking for a new type of work out, or if you’re just looking for some new things to do here in Indy, Yoga and pilates are well worth a try. When practiced along with regular cardio and strength training routines you will find yourself in the best condition of your life, mind, body and soul.

Studios and Locations

Invoke Yoga & Pilates
970 Fort Wayne Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Mindful Movement Studio
1315 West 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240
317.257.MIND (6463)

UP Dog Yoga & Wellness
212 W. 10th St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Yoga Center
6245 N. College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Yodas Yoga School
4000 Physical Rd
Indianapolis, IN

Renew Yoga & Fitness Studio
1052 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Cityoga LLC
936 Indiana Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Body Temple Pilates Studio
2421 E. 80th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Inner Peace Yoga Center
5038 E. 56th St
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Integrated Body Pilates
1220 W. 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Heal Thyself & Co., LLC
6220 Broadway St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Pilates Studio Incorporated
4705 E. 82nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Pilates with John
826 W. 64th St
Indianapolis, IN 46260