University of Indianapolis Women’s Track and Field: Poetry in Fast Motion

The University of Indianapolis women’s track and field team is known throughout the Great Lakes Valley Conference for their reputation as determined opponents and, quite simply, a tough team to beat.  The Greyhounds have consistently proven themselves to be an extremely talented team that is well-rounded, with a good mix of solid senior leadership and a core group of energetic freshmen.


The team is currently led by steady hand of Head Coach Scott Fangman (who also heads up the coaching duties for the University of Indianapolis men’s track and field team) and Assistant Coaches Kathy Casey, Dave Holman, and Giles Davis.  The University of Indianapolis women’s track and field team host a number of competitive events and invitational tournaments at home in Key Stadium. The locale is just minutes directly south of beautiful downtown Indianapolis, which is the sector of the Circle City where the greatest concentration of Indianapolis attractions reside.
From sprints to jumps to distance running, the Lady Greyhounds have it all covered.  The team is made up of primarily local Indiana talent, with a strong showing from metropolitan Indianapolis, with just a dash of out-of-state talent.  For true Indianapolis sports fans, the Lady Greyhounds dish up a delicious plate of athleticism and skill.  Next time you’re out and about, looking for unique and fun things to do in Indianapolis, give the University of Indianapolis women’s track and field team your support.

There are many chances to see the Greyhounds compete, of course, as the season spans from chilly December through the end of the month of May.