Dorman Art Studios Downtown

Dorman Art Studios, located in downtown Indianapolis, houses a convergence of several Indianapolis artists‘ works. The gallery is within a historic cottage in an old city neighborhood, creating a distinct aura and feel to the space.

History meets modern and contemporary influence through multiple media forms of local expression. The intimate setting in Dorman Art Studios allows visitors to find a close and personal experience with the artists themselves, as well as their works.

Dorman Art Studios holds an annual open house, inviting the public to mingle and view highlighted artwork of emerging local artists. Paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramic and other mediums are available for all to see.

If you time your trip to Indianapolis correctly, you’ll be able to stop in and visit personally with the featured local talent. Variety and inspired artwork will allow you to see the cultural influence of the talented and diverse Indianapolis art community.

Indianapolis art in general depends on dedicated artists such as those who work together to make this gallery the unique place it is. Downtown Indy is the locale for many wonderful Indianapolis art galleries, Indianapolis performing arts venues and the site of choice for many special Indianapolis events.


Hours of Operation:
By Appointment Only

Dorman Art Studios
1000 E 9th St
Indianapolis, IN 46202