Mass Ave. Toys Indianapolis Indiana

Mass Ave. Toys, located in Indy‘s Mass Ave sector, one of six distinguished cultural districts in Indianapolis, is a unique experience in toys. This shop specializes in high quality, interesting and entertaining items, many with an historical flair.

Nestled in the heart of glittery, upbeat downtown Indianapolis, Mass Ave Toys fits in with all the charm of the wonderful city. This toy shop has a modern feel while fulfilling the childhood fantasy in all of us. Step into an otherworldly toy universe, where curiosity, silliness and playfulness rule.

Some of the items in the store’s inventory will strike a cord with the little girl or little boy in us. Many of the toys are similar to, or exactly like, play-things from our childhoods, producing a yearning for days gone by. Other toys are so unique that it’s likely you’ve never experienced anything like them.

Mom might come away with “How to Keep your Husband,”a funny gag book for her friend’s bachelorette party. Junior might go for a cool Juvenile Delinquent pennant to go on his bedroom wall. And the little one might fall in love with the Instant Villain Disguise Kit, especially if it’s close to Halloween. Free gift wrapping is always available and all children are always welcome, including the big kids.

A selection of toys is available for any age category; including do-dads for the adult whose imagination and spirit still lean toward a world-view of childlike wonder. Mass Ave Toys is known by specialty toy lovers not only throughout Indianapolis, but also the state of Indiana.

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Mass Ave Toys
409 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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