University of Indianapolis Men’s Basketball: Go Greyhounds!

The University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team, the Greyhounds, is an Indianapolis college basketball team with a unique local flavor; nearly 50% of the players call Indianapolis their home. The UIndy Greyhounds are pitted against some ferocious competition this season, taking on the mighty Tennessee Volunteers and Great Lakes Valley Conference giant Findlay University. With three returning starters (guard Tyke Cockerharn and forwards Braxton Mills and Tristan Rogers), the University of Indianapolis Greyhounds have a confident air about them this year.

Video of the second half of a basketball game at Nicoson Hall in Indianapolis, between the University of Indianapolis and the University of Southern Indiana

While there is no doubt that the team’s leading scorer over the past two seasons, DeAndre Brock, and bona-fide team players like Justin Barnard will be missed, UIndy Head Coach Stan Gouard says not to worry. Gouard and Assistant Coach Shane Brown hope to lead the Crimson and Grey deep into the telescoping rounds of the NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball Tournament and make the Indianapolis sports community proud.
The University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team takes on all challengers in their home arena of Nicoson Hall, which is located on the UIndy campus, just a few minutes directly south of beautiful downtown Indianapolis. The basketball season spans from early November all the way into early April, and there will be many chances to catch a home game if you’re in the mood for some highly competitive sports, or even if you’re just out looking for things to do in Indianapolis. The University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team is a big reason why Indianapolis is considered the amateur sports capital of the world. Go Greyhounds!

Video highlights of University of Indianapolis men’s basketball player Tyke Cockerham during the ’08-’09 season


For more information on the University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team, please visit the University of Indianapolis athletics homepage.

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