David Letterman: World’s Funniest Hoosier

David Letterman, one of the most famous people of Indianapolis, has created a startlingly brilliant career as a talk show host and comedian on television. A native of Indianapolis, Letterman was born there in 1947 and went on to do stand-up comedy and win Emmys for his innovative approach as a host on the television programs called The David Letterman Show and the Late Night with David Letterman show, both offered by the NBC network.

Letterman has achieved superstar status over the years for his innovative humor, dry sarcastic style and entertainingly confrontational attitude with his talk show guests. Many of his fans are unaware, however, that his career started on radio, first at a Ball State University station, then on to a stint on a radio talk show in the local media, soon to be usurped by an even more successful position as the quirky weatherman for Indianapolis television station WLWI. It was during that engagement that he coined the term “hail the size of canned hams,” to which he still frequently refers.

Hilarious video of Borat on David Letterman. David Letterman is an Indianapolis, Indiana native

A move to Los Angeles in 1975 gave him the opportunity to pursue his interest in writing for situation comedies and exploring his talents for stand-up routines at the famous Comedy Store.

David Letterman landed several jobs as an actor in television comedies and as a game show participant and host, and later became a frequent guest on The Tonight Show, which he guest-hosted on several occasions. He presently hosts The Late Show, which has garnered some 67 nominations for Emmys and won twelve of them.

The comedian underwent heart surgery in 2000, after which he came back even stronger, suggesting, among other whacky ideas, that home state Indiana rename the Interstate around Indianapolis the “David Letterman Bypass.”

David Letterman co-owns the Rahal Letterman Racing Team which competes in the Indy Racing League, and has is own production company called “Worldwide Pants Incorporated,” which is hugely successful in its own right.

David Letterman attended local Broad Ripple High School. His mother, Dorothy Mengering, is frequently featured during her son’s television romps, and is best known as “Dave’s Mom.” She presently lives in nearby Carmel, Indiana and is one of the most famous residents of Carmel.

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