James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home: A Celebration of a Hoosier Poet

The James Whitcomb Riley Museum is a little bit of Indianapolis history in the center of the Lockerbie section in downtown Indianapolis. This Indianapolis museum, maintained by the Riley Society, which also supports Camp Riley and the Riley Hospital for Children, is kept open to the public so they can see and feel how the famous Hoosier poet perceived life in the 1800’s.

Bust of James Whitcomb RileyJames Whitcomb Rileyis widely considered the favorite poet of not only Indiana, but most of the Midwest United States as well. It was from his pen that that lovable rag doll, Raggedy Ann, and the precocious Little Orphan Annie were born.

Not only a beloved fireside poet, Riley was renowned as a hugely popular orator, on a par with touring partner Mark Twain. To this day, the Riley Festival, honoring the birth date of this favorite Indiana son,is still a major celebration in his hometown of nearby Greenfield, Indiana.

The James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home, unique among the many fine Indianapolis museums, is a perfectly maintained and authentic Victorian structure containing period pieces and décor of the time. The famous poet lived in it for some 23 years, and in it can still be viewed many pieces of nostalgia, such as the original wallpaper and carpets and a copy of his last poem. Built in 1872, the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home remains one of the most highly frequented such installations in all of Indianapolis.

In 1962, the Riley Museum Home was placed on the National Historic Landmark roster. The museum is open to the public and is a favorite Indianapolis attraction for locals and visitors alike. Tickets are very affordable at $4 for adults and seniors and $1 for students ages 7-17; Indianapolis children are free. A stop at the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home can be a fun, educational, and cheap Indianapolis thing to do!

James Whitcomb Riley's Home in LockerbieJames Whitcomb Riley’s Home in Lockerbie

Historic marker in front of the James Whitcomb Riley Museum HomeHistoric marker in front of the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home

James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home
528 Lockerbie St
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Fax: 317.634.4478

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