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How about a blog specifically directed at Indianapolis sports, politics near and far, and the Indianapolis culture and community in general? This one does all that and in a very hip manner.

As clean-looking as it is readable, the Circle City Pundit is a nicely accessible place to stay in step with modern living in Indianapolis. There’s a forum on Blogspot, and a spot for groups too. On any given visit, you might read brief forum discussions about the Hummer, Soylent Green, Mandela Day, lost moon footage form Nasa or what age the typical reader learned about sex.

Hoosiers can hone in on items that mean something to them here, or they can swing over to the enormous Blogspot directory and find almost any other subject. Circle City Pundit regularly posts short videos that state points of view succinctly and are easy to capture. Their slogan, in fact, is: “We Report, We Decide. You Just Read.”

Well, that’s sort of the definition of “pundit,” isn’t it?


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