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Citizens for Education – Indianapolis Blog

Here is a blog site for every Indianapolis family. If you are in the monumentally important process of raising Indianapolis children, you will already be keenly interested in education in Indianapolis. This blog dedicates itself to enhancing the ways and means of teaching Hoosier kids.

Just like the kidlets, it’s the little things that count. You’ll see posts about everything from the blight of White River School, to the next school board meeting, to the best choice of local candidates for the Citizens for Education tickets, and why.

The great state of Indiana, like the rest of the American Midwest, has its own way of doing things. The farmers and traders who first fought the wilds and settled there left their imprint in the soil, air and rocks, and Indianapolis history is driven by them. It is possible that no city places a higher value than education, which rates just under the concept of family when it comes to what really matters in the Circle City.

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