Frugal Hoosiers | Indianapolis Blog

Frugal Hoosiers | Indianapolis Blog

Frugal Hoosiers is an important blog written and carried out by young Hoosier Republicans. Begun in 2005, the blog has evolved into an erudite collection of political articles and pertinent comments, as well as a “Poll of the Week,” which addresses current issues in Indianapolis and elsewhere in Indiana.

The organization called “Frugal Hoosiers” actually had its inception in 2002. The original goal was single-minded: “To get Mitch Daniels to run for governor.” They scared up money for their cause, and finally succeeded. Mitch Daniels decided to run, and in 2004, became the 49th governor of Indiana, in his very first foray into politics.

Buoyed by their success, the group shortened the name of the website and changed their focus. They way they put it is, “We’re here today trying to put the ‘action’ back into ‘political action committee.'”

The present-day version of Frugal Hoosiers, the blog, was officially launched in early 2009. They continue to promote any politician, and in fact any person, with fiscally responsible conservative views. But they also consider themselves a collection of grassroots advocates whose job it is to seek out Indiana movers and shakers who can be correctly labeld “Frugal Hoosiers” themselves. They have charged themselves with taking an active role in supporting those public servants who choose change over the status quo.

An interesting read, this blog has made its place among the many good Indianapolis news and political blogs. In fact, it’s groups such as these that have had a hand in changing the scope and color of Indianapolis society and the culture and community of the rest of the nation since it was brought into being by similarly-minded activists, so many years ago.