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Howey Political Report

Here’s a unique blog written by syndicated columnist Brian Howey. The author is a renowned non-partisan political analyst who cranks out copy about public policy and how it filters down from the high hill in Washington D.C. to affect Hoosiers in Indianapolis.

When Brian Howey was fired from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette in the year 1993, he thought it was the worst moment of his life. Only a year later, he decided it might have been one of the best, since it forced him to reinvent himself.

Howey became an independent writer living off his wits from hand to mouth. He created of himself an entrepreneur and a businessman, in order to do what he loved best for a living: write about Hoosier politics.

The Howey Political Report has been going strong since he initiated it back in August of 1994. The blog works in tandem with the website Howey Politics, to present up to date articles on the subject in a non-partisan format. Correspondents Mark Curry and Mark Schoeff Jr. contribute from Washington, and featured columnists are Cameron Carter, Morton J. Marcus, Chris Sautter and of course, Brian Howey himself.

Not quite as ubiquitous as the Indianapolis Star, Howey’s newspaper column, “Howey Politics Indiana”, reaches over 250,000 readers in some 25 publications weekly. The man has definitely had an effect on Indianapolis society.


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