Indiana Policy Review: Just the Facts

Indiana Policy Review is an Indianapolis blog, run by the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, whose mission is to “marshall the best thought on governmental, economic and educational issues at the state and municipal levels” in ways that “exalt the truths of the Declaration of Independence, especially as they apply to the interrelated freedoms of religion, property and speech; emphasize the primacy of the individual in addressing public concerns; and recognize that equality of opportunity is sacrificed in pursuit of equality of results.”

To this end, Indiana Policy Review posts scholarly articles without any sort of bias or pre-determined message. These articles range in subjects from Indianapolis business to Indianapolis education and include a wide range of sources. The Indiana Policy Review blog publishes three types of articles: editorials, petitions, and white papers. Editorials are posted on the site to draw comments and criticism before publication by the Foundation, petitions are meant to broaden the scope of public debate, and white papers are scholarly works in progress that are made available for informational purposes.

In all of these publications, the Indiana Policy Review blog stresses that viewpoints expressed in articles do not reflect the views of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation. They are meant to inform, not persuade. Full archives and search functions are available for Indiana Policy Review members only.

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