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Justice and Fortitude | Timothy Maguire Blog

The Indianapolis blog called Justice and Fortitude is the handiwork of the Chairman of the Marion County Libertarian Party, Timothy J. Maguire. In it arecollected some interesting articles, strictly from the Libertarian point of view, which, in and of itself, is interesting no matter where you stand on the political totem pole.

Other heavyweights, such as Donny Ferguson, Director of Communications for the Libertarian national Committee, occasionally weigh in on Justice and Fortitude. There are plentiful links to other, like-minded, bloggers out of Indy and other cities in Indiana, and the blogsite is well-organized and maintained.

Categories represented in Justice and Fortitude are:

  • A/V
  • Finance
  • Funnies
  • Indianapolis
  • Libertarian
  • LinkedIn
  • LPMC
  • Maguire
  • National News
  • State News


Each category contains many posts relevant to the subject, and the numerous blog archives go back to May of 2008. There are also links such as the one that allows you to sign up for the Libertarian Party.

It is dedicated bloggers such as Timothy Maguire who infuse so much information and intercommunication into the fabrick of today’s fast-moving Indianapolis culture and society.

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