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Masson’s Blog

Masson’s Blog is subtitled “A Citizen’s Guide Guide to Indiana.” It is a fairly long-lived, well-maintained website which has been working the Internet since April of 2007. Written exclusively by “Doug,” the blog is mostly about politics of the Libertarian variety, and tinged with the author’s profound bent toward Christianity.

Doug is an attorney residing in Lafayette, Indiana, a town of 60,000 some 60 miles northwest of Indiana‘s state capitol, Indianapolis. He worked in the Legislative Services Agency of the Indiana General Assembly for three years. This is the sector of the General Assembly charged with drafting and proposing new legislation.

In that position, Doug had occasion to mingle with the House Public Safety Committee, the House Commerce Committee and the House Transportation Committee as well, and was made deputy director of the Code Revision Office, which publishes the Indiana Code.

Obviously, he has been around at least the outskirts of the political arena. He states his political views these days quite simply:

  • Stay out of my pocket book.
  • Stay out of my bedroom.
  • Balance the budget.
  • Respect the Bill of Rights.

Masson’s Blog is shot through with tons of excellent articles, most of which reflect those basic political proclivities. Interactive, energetic blogs such as Masson’s Blog are gradually becoming a part of the fabric of Indianapolis society, and the whole cloth of the nation’s culture as well.

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