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Are you a political Libertarian? Do you know what a Libertarian is?

By the time you’ve spent just a few minutes wandering around the fascinating halls of Steve Kelter’s Plain & Simple blog, you will not only have a pretty good idea of what a Libertarian stands for, but also whether you might, in fact, be one.

Steve labels himself a “conservative with Libertarian social ideals.” First and foremost, this means, to him, that he puts his faith in the residents of Indiana, to make good decisions. It also means that he believes the middle road, between extremes, is almost always the best path.


To get specific, Steve’s Plain and Simple blog takes a firm stance against excessive control on the part of the government in general, and champions the economy of the free-market.

When it comes to the individual, Steve’s position is quite clear-cut: People should be free to do anything they wish, if it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights to do exactly the same.

Along with many absorbing articles on these broad subjects, Plain and Simple contains a handy little quiz that allows you to determine whether you might be a Libertarian at heart.

Articles subjects include such topics as how to determine whether the Indianapolis incumbent is tax-friendly, how statistics can completely skew information and “American Government: Twisted or Braided?”

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