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The Urbanophile

The Urbanophile is one of those blogs that, at first glance, you think are probably not worth wading into. Once you start wading, however, you’re liable to find yourself up to your eyeballs in startlingly short order.

If you’re one of those Hoosiers that loves to read about the details of such topics as life in the inner city of Indianapolis or how Fort Wayne is a vanishing species and exactly why, you’ll be instantly hooked on The Urbanophile.

Spearheaded and maintained by “professional technologist and senior IT leader” Aaron M. Renn, The Urbanophile is all about city life. Subjects such as urban policy, transportation, branding, architecture, economic development, and strategy are dissected in the blog, and treated with a combination of insight and wisdom that is as refreshing to read as it is rare to come across.

How nice to have someone as dedicated, as witty and as sharp as Aaron Renn as a watchdog for Indianapolis society, culture and community. Someone should do it, and this erudite writer is the perfect choice. A longtime author in the field of news sourcing and system-challenging, Mr. Renn developed one of the first blogs on the Internet, the “Weekly Breakdown.” His work has been featured in the Indianapolis Star, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few, and he has been a guest on WIBC radio and Channel 20 WFYI-TV, both out of Indy.

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