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Here is an Indianapolis blog of the staunch Christian and conservative persuasion. Archives contained in this website go back to 2007, and treat a variety of subjects, mostly with a political bent.

Hosted and driven by the Indiana Family Institute, Veritas Rex aims to provide a conversational and informational forum that places truth above all. The Indiana Family Institute is a not-for-profit affiliate of a group called Focus on the Family, dedicated to strengthening Indianapolis and Hoosier families.


Working together and communicating values and other important concepts is essential in forming any good community. Indianapolis society is greatly enhanced by organizations such as Veritas Rex, which bring neighbors together, online and off, to discuss the principles by which they will live.

Veritas Rex contributors

Below are very brief descriptions of some of the many outstanding authors who contribute on a regular basis to Veritas Rex:

Curt Smith: President of the Indiana Family Institute, this author spent 15 years on Capitol Hill in upper-echelon positions. A think-tank executive, Curt attended Indiana University and is a resident of Zionsville, a suburb just on the northern outskirts of Indy. Curt Smith has won many awards as a journalist and is listed in Who’s Who.
Ryan McCann is Director of Operations for the Indiana Family Institute, and in charge of public policy. He is, therefore, most responsible for shaping the Institute into a force that gives Hoosiers practical methods to swing the government and culture in the general direction of the family.
Sue Swazy, the Indiana Family Institute’s Program Coordinator, holds a Master’s degree from Indiana University in social work. She was a Vice President serving on the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce to represent the Indianapolis business community, and before that, she was the United Way of Central Indiana’s Policy Director.
Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt are activists in Conservative politics, especially those organizations that take a visible pro-family stance. Kurt Luidhardt was the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Manager of Political Affairs, and aided in the election of pro-business candidates to the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives.
Micah Clark holds a degree in Political Science and worked as an intern in the Indiana House of Representatives for the Republican staff. His specialty is in journalism, working to inform Hoosiers about policy trends that affect their families, businesses and churches. Micah Clark is a sought-after guest on radio talk shows and other Indianapolis news, and holds the office of Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana (AFA).

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