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Worth Your Attention Blog
The blog called Worth Your Attention is growing up to be an excellent resource on all things Indy. At this site, you will find wonderful photos and lots of detailed articles about many of your favorite destinations and sights in Indianapolis.


The Worth Your Attention blog explores some of the best restaurants in Indianapolis and some of the most popular attractions in Indianapolis as well. You will find, for example, an excellent, in-depth article on the Indiana Medical History Museum, a fascinating facility, sometimes overlooked among all the great and famous Indianapolis museums.
Check out their piece on a recent visit to the Clowes Memorial Hall, after a delicious meal at the pretty Hollyhock Hill restaurant. Visit a new farmers’ market and the Indianapolis City Market and compare. Have a look at the beautiful postcards for sale on the site, originals by “Mrs. WYA,” one-half of the mister and missus team that maintains this lovely blog.

Wandering through the halls of the Worth Your Attention blog, you’ll notice that they sometimes veer outwards beyond the circle city to post articles on interesting places or events elsewhere in Indiana. This is a funway to discover lots of information about day-to-day life as a Hoosier.

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