The Smoking Argus Daily | Indiana Blog: No Pandering Allowed

The Smoking Argus Daily | Indiana Blog

The word “argus” is defined as “Any observant or vigilant person; a watchful guardian.” Nice word, isn’t it? You might postulate that the kind of people who would choose a word like that for their blog would choose an erudite or sophisticated reason for the Argus to be Smoking. You’d be wrong, though. They explain in their blog not only the Argos myth, but that the “smoking” part comes from the smoke- and caffeine-filled rooms they work in. It’s the only environment, they say, in which they can stomach today’s news.


The Smoking Argus is a great blog, readable, knowledgeable and likable. The organizers and contributors are dedicated to performing the duty of “watchful guardians” for those who will heed their words. They take an independent stance on politics, stating in the blog that “identity politics leeches the power of Americans by splitting us into disputatious factions.” They refuse to pander to any political or religious or ethnic ideology and they welcome everyone who cares to join them on their interesting ride, the ultimate aim of which is evidently nothing less than reclaiming the Republic.

While maintain a collective open mind, the Smoking Argus people agree on certain principles for action. Here are the basic Smoking Argus blog stances:

On Foreign Policy

There should be no torture, no preemptive war and absolutely no empire.

On Privacy

Get rid of the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and FISA. Now.

On Debt

What we need, people, is balanced budgets.

On the Federal Reserve

Abolish it to the ends of the universe and replace it with Constitutional Money.

On Editorial Policy

In order to maintain credibility and truly inform, rather than persuade, every post must be researched and sourced.

This is a Hoosier blog, down to its toenails, but they treat a wide range of topics. The articles in the Smoking Argus blog contain information that affects not only the nation, but Indianapolis society and culture as well. In Indiana, when change comes, it comes from the center. Indianapolis is that center.

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