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Celebrate the Indy 500 at the Snakepit Ball

Indianapolis citizens know how to party, especially when it comes to celebrating the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (the Indy 500), and the Regions 500 Festival Snakepit Ball is the biggest party of them all. This black-tie gala is the place to be the night before the race! The star-studded affair turns up the glam over the […]

Toast the Indy 500 Winner at the 500 Festival Victory Circle Celebration

In Indianapolis in May, residents are all about toasting the biggest events celebrating sports in Indianapolis, and the biggest of all is the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500)! The 500 Festival Victory Circle Celebration is the conclusion to the non-stop celebrating that goes on during the month and is the biggest party of all. This celebration takes place at […]

Indianapolis 500 Festival Kids’ Day on Monument Circle

During the month of May in Indianapolis, kids can get in on the fun adults have all month long during the Indianapolis 500 Festival Kids’ Day celebration. As downtown Indy prepares during May to celebrate the biggest spectacle in racing, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, plenty of events […]

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre: Ballet, Modern Dance, and More

One of the staples of the Indianapolis performing arts community, the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is a professional dance company that performs an unbelievable number of thought-provoking pieces throughout Indianapolis and the Indianapolis area. Around Indianapolis, many of their performances are held in the Pike Performing Arts Center. In addition, they have performed in Europe, […]

Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis: Where the Love of Music is Everything

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis is a volunteer based Indianapolis musical organization that performs both classical and pops concerts throughout Indianapolis in addition to running the Strings & Jazzy Things summer camp. The orchestra was founded in 1940 by former Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra member Herman H. Rinne. He envisioned the orchestra as an outlet for […]

Pike High School Indianapolis

500 Festival Carb Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

For Indianapolis residents,  the 500 Festival Carb Day is one of the most eagerly anticipated days of the Spring season. When it’s May in the Circle City, downtown Indianapolis is ready to celebrate the greatest spectacle in racing, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500). As far as sporting events in Indianapolis go, this is […]

WNTR-107.9 FM Radio Station

WNTR-107.9 FM is the last stop on the radio dial but the first place to look for your favorite music in Indianapolis. Unlike most radio stations, 107.9 FM does not stick to just one genre of music, they believe if the song is good then that is all that counts. Playing songs from the early 60’s all the […]

WBRI-1500 AM Radio Station

WBRI-1500 AM is a radio station with a higher purpose. They feel it is their duty to spread the word of the Lord throughout Indianapolis. WBRI only broadcasts during the daytime, but there is enough beauty and worship in those twelve hours of programming to strengthen your relationship with the All Mighty One. Even though 1500 […]

Pan American Plaza – Indianapolis Indiana World Skating Academy

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Pan American Plaza is a large facility built to commemorate the 1987 Pan American Games. The high quality twin rinks for ice hockey and skating are run by the Indiana World Skating Academy. This venue houses several Indianapolis things to do, including Indianapolis hockey, figure skating, speed skating, general ice […]

Le Peep Restaurant Indianapolis, Indiana

Offering unique breakfast and lunch fare with reasonable prices and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, Le Peep Restaurant has gained a reputation as one of the best brunch places in Indianapolis. Their original recipes bring patrons back again and again, resulting in a full house nearly every weekend. The menu changes regularly, keeping old favorites while […]

Marine Mammals Collection in the Oceans Biome

The Indianapolis Zoo Marine Mammals collection is situated around the exit area of the Zoo’s Oceans Biome building, allowing guests to witness all the action in the collection from inside the biome building. In this way, Indianapolis Zoo visitors have the opportunity to see marine mammals such as the California sea lion and the polar […]

Plainfield High School

WXNT 1430 AM Radio Station

WXNT-1430 AM has a reputation of being the best news talk radio station in all of the Indianapolis media. This was not a title they easily earned. WXNT has become the radio news leader by delivering the best in local and national news to their listeners in Indianapolis. While talking politics is the station’s forte, […]

WTLC-1310 AM Radio Station

WTLC-1310 AM is the number one source for on-air inspiration and praise in Indianapolis. With their urban gospel format WTLC promotes what the station’s call letters have always stood for. With Tender Loving Care has been the underlining message this spiritual station has promoted through its music styling and their on-air shows content. They are the […]

WNDE 1260 AM Radio Station

WNDE-1260 AM is one of three sports news and talk radio stations in Indianapolis. Just tune in and listen once to hear why so many Hoosiers turn to 1260 AM when they need to talk sports. Since 2002 WNDE has been the Fox Sports Radio affiliate in the Indianapolis media and judging by the station’s popularity, this […]

Miles Fork: Indianapolis Artist Presents Fusion Photography

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words; however, in regards to the work of local Indianapolis artist Miles Fork this statement does not hold true. While his portfolio is as thick as the Encyclopedia Britannica, viewing Miles Fork’s fusion photography will render you speechless. His work, which consists of equal parts fashion and […]

The Ugly Monkey: Party Central in Downtown Indianapolis

The Ugly Monkey in Indianapolis proves that you don’t have to be a beautiful primate to have a good time. One of the top Indianapolis bars, the Ugly Monkey has three different areas to relax, have fun, and party with your friends in addition to a great food menu and lots of live music and […]

Indianapolis Royalty: the 500 Festival Princesses

When May rolls around in Indianapolis, the city gears up to celebrate the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Indy 500) with a little help from the 33 500 Festival Princesses, who are chosen each year to represent the 500 Festival. The festival is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to produce a series of events in […]

Area 31 Career Center: Indianapolis Jobs Made Easy

The Area 31 Career Center in Indianapolis creates wonderful opportunities for young people in Indianapolis and the surrounding townships. Regardless of your interests, you can find practical training in a variety of areas at the Area 31 Career Center. This program offers great supplemental classes for Indianapolis schools and a practical alternative to attending college. […]