Big Hat Books Indianapolis Indiana

Big Hat Books, located in Broad Ripple Village, is more than just a bookstore filled with friendly smiles and shelves of prose, poetry and political satires. It is a place that inspires you to grab a book and snuggle into one of their big comfortable chairs to get lost in it all. This independently owned bookseller is a shining example of what makes shopping in Indianapolis such a great and unique experience.

Big Hat gives the customer the feeling that they have just walked into someone’s private library rather than a retail store in Indianapolis. One of the many features that sets this local bookstore apart from its competitors is the vast knowledge of books the staff has. With a simple description of what it is you are looking for, the helpful staff will guide you directly to your literary destination. If you don’t know what you want, a member of Big Hat can make a suggestion; not always what’s popular but always what’s good. Still can’t make up your mind? Then take as much time as you need to sort through the stacks at Big Hat Books.

Situated right off The Monon Trail, Big Hat Books is so easy to find you can walk, run or drive right to it. They are located right next door to the neighborhood landmark Broad Ripple Brewpub. They also share their building with Marigold Contemporary Clothing store, leaving you with multiple options for a great evening. On the corner of 65th St and Cornell Ave this cluster of retail offers a consortium of nighttime possibilities. Grab a bite to eat while deciding to buy a book and spend the night in, or buy an outfit and go out.

Although the space and views are gorgeous and the staff friendly, Big Hat’s best feature is their ability to bring you your favorite authors. Not just in hardcover or paperback, but live and in person! Worldwide best selling authors such as David Sedaris and AJ Jacobs are but a few of the big names to have come and given readings. On the second floor of Big Hat Books there is a performance room where the public can gather and take in the latest creations from writers and performers alike.

If you still aren’t convinced this is not your normal bookstore Big Hat gives its’ patrons the option to buy anything in the store that is not breathing. If you want to by a book, and the chair you sat in while reading the back cover, no problem. Perhaps one of the desks used to display books would look great in your office. For the right price it is yours. If you don’t have the room for furniture, check out the art work from around the world that hangs on the walls. If you haven’t guessed by now it too is for sale.

Big Hat Books is the type of store to come for a look and leave with new friends. To learn more about the store and upcoming events check out their website.