Marigold Contemporary Clothing Indianapolis Indiana

Marigold Contemporary Clothing store offers women a shopping experience where they are the most important component of an outfit. Lifestyle dressing is the bedrock of what sets this clothing store apart from others stores in Indianapolis. Marigold’s philosophy is that you need a personal approach to style that transcends your age and mirrors your outlook on life. To look good you not only need to feel good, but be comfortable as well.

Marigold offers a refreshing approach to women’s fashion, one where the customer is not forced to pick from the latest trends and looks that are over-saturating TV and print ads. This is not to say that Marigold does not offer new and high fashion, in fact far from it. It just means you won’t need a shoehorn to get yourself into their clothes. They offer collections from both local and national designers, thus insuring no matter what your desired look, Marigold will help you achieve it. Clothing, handbags and other accessories come in all colors of the rainbow so you can relax knowing that the ladies here have you covered. Within a few minutes of walking through the front door, you will see why Marigold Contemporary Clothing offers you one of the most unique experiences for shopping in Indianapolis.

Although the store is named for a flower that only blooms once, this store has proven that it is a perennial power. With over twenty years of service to the shopping community, all within the confines of Broad Ripple Village, Marigold has shown they have found what works for women. Some of their customers have been coming back for all of those twenty years. In the process they have become more than clients, they have become friends. The women of Marigold pride themselves on their customer service and friendly advice. No matter if it is your first visit or your four hundredth, it is guaranteed you will be treated the same way.

Marigold Contemporary Clothing not only provides shoppers with an alternative to high pressure sales tactics, they offer real relief to those in need. It has always been a goal of the store to give back to the community and those who need it most. Through food and used clothing drives, they help others put food on the table and clothing on their backs to help achieve a better life. Some of theses drives give participants discounts for future shopping visits, so find out how to get involved. Not only will you be helping a good cause you’ll be saving money too!

Marigold Contemporary Clothing shares its location with Big Hat Books, right next door to the famous Broad Ripple Brewpub. To learn more about this awesome clothing store check out their website today.


Marigold Contemporary Clothing
6512 N Cornell Av
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220