Channel 6 WRTV, Longtime Indianapolis Television Fave

On May 30, 1949 Channel 6 WRTV, Indiana’s first commercial television station, took to the airways. They hit the ground running, or more appropriately with tires spinning, by airing a documentary called “Crucible of Speed.” The show detailed the beginning and early days of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (the Indy 500), the most famous car race in the world. After this bit of Indianapolis history aired it was time to make way for the present. With the call sign WFBM-TV back then, they showed the first live televised coverage of the Indy 500, which is now the largest attended single day sporting event in the world. It is the crown jewel of sports in Indianapolis.

In the last sixty years this station has tried it all. At different points in their history they have been the Indianapolis television affiliate for all three major networks. They are one of only a handful of Indy TV stations that can lay claim to this honor nationwide. In 1979 they made the switch to bring ABC into Hoosier homes across Central Indiana and have never looked back. The station has been under the ownership of McGraw-Hill since 1972, when they changed their call sign to the now familiar Channel 6 WRTV.

Channel 6 has always been an innovator in the field of Indianapolis media, like being the first of all Indianapolis television stations to broadcast in color. It is in the innovative spirit that WRTV is constantly striving to bring a better product to their viewers. While offering a full lineup of all the ABC hit shows, it is their local programming that has the most effect on the lives of Indy’s residents.

When they are not bringing you the latest headlines, WRTV is showing you the softer side of Indianapolis TV stations. Showcasing local Indianapolis attractions is one way this Indy TV station lets the viewer know that the news team is there to inform the public on what’s happening, both good and bad. With live telecasts from the many festivals and fairs that highlight some of the culture in Indianapolis, you’ll see first hand what you can expect before attending yourself. Getting healthy in Indianapolis is one of the major focal points of each evening’s newscast. Bringing Channel 6 WRTV viewers up to date on events in Indianapolis through their stories ensures that our local causes get the support they deserve. With their location in downtown Indianapolis, Channel 6 promises that whatever is making news in our city they will bring it to you first.

Channel 6 WRTV
1330 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46202