Channel 59 WXIN Indianapolis TV Station for FOX

This Indianapolis TV station first signed onto the airways as a local independent broadcast company here in Indianapolis on February 1, 1984. The programming consisted of cartoons, old sitcoms and public domain movies. What was WPDS-TV at that time aired an hour of news coverage each night as well. Many changes occurred during the station’s first two years of existence. Ownership of the station went around like a carousel, changing hands several times until October 9, 1986. This date marks the day when Channel 59 WXIN became the FOX television affiliate in the Indianapolis media.

This affiliation, which brought Central Indiana WXIN, is still going strong today. It may not be the lead story on their evening news, but Channel 59 is the only Indianapolis local TV station that can say they have never changed their affiliation. Located just north of downtown Indianapolis, Channel 59 WXIN is sure to bring you the latest in what’s making news in our city. This is also your home for all the FOX TV programs that leave you rolling on the ground in laughter. Most of the shows that this station airs are a bit edgier than what you will find on other channels. However, they obviously have a winning formula in their hands. For what was once considered a second-rate operation has turned into a TV ratings juggernaut.

Many have pointed to the more than two decades worth of success had by the hit show “The Simpsons” as the catalysts for the turn around performed by FOX. Whether or not it’s true, with a lineup that is packed with entertainment, Channel 59 WXIN has shown remarkable staying power among Indianapolis TV stations. While all things funny may be what WXIN is best known for, they are a powerhouse when it comes to televising sports in Indiana. They are home to national broadcasts of baseball, football and NASCAR.

It’s a tradition in some Indy homes to read the IndyStar newspaper over breakfast or dinner. But Channel 59  news is also a great Indianapolis local source for what’s happening in and around the Indianapolis culture and community. They are always enlightening residents of upcoming events in Indianapolis. Not only will their street team show you what are some of the great things to do in Indianapolis, the up to the minute weather team will let you know if an umbrella is needed. So no matter if you just need a good laugh, or want to find out what’s happening in local news, Channel 59 WXIN is the Indianapolis TV station to watch.

Channel 59 WXIN
6910 Network Pl
Indianapolis, IN 46278