WFYI-90.1 FM, the PBS Home Among Indianapolis Radio Stations

WFYI-90.1 FM
is operated by Metropolitan Public Broadcasting, who also provides Indianapolis with Channel 20 WFYI on your Indianapolis TV station’s dial. While it has been over twenty years now that the Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Broadcasting has been at the reins of 90.1 FM, the educational local Indianapolis radio station has much longer history than that.

October 14, 1954 marks the day that 90.1 FM took to the airways. The radio station, known as WIAN back then, was owned and operated by the Indianapolis Public Schools system. At first the little Indianapolis radio station had limited hours of on air time and very low broadcasting power. After the acquisition of station WAIV and its classical music library in 1971, they had enough programming hours to become a charter member of National Public Radio. With over 50 years of service to the community and no matter who was in control of 90.1 FM, education in Indianapolis has always been the station’s main goal.

The Indianapolis School system relinquished ownership on March 15, 1988 and WAIV became WFYI-90.1 FM, the very same station we have all come to know and love today. WFYI’s call sign was selected specifically for the purpose of telling its listening audience what the station is all about. However, they have recently given these letters a second meaning. Not only do the letters represent the first letter of the words for your information, but they also represent for you Indiana. This is to let Hoosiers know that no matter what the subject of the radio program being presented might be, it is with your best interest in mind that 90.1 FM broadcasts it.

When most individuals think about public broadcast radio, the thought of talk radio and call-in shows is all that comes to mind. Most individuals would be wrong. While WFYI-90.1 FM is a great source for such mediums, they play some of the best music in Indianapolis. Add to the mix that they provide some of the best coverage for things to do in Indianapolis and you’ll find your self dealing with one of the elite in all of the Indianapolis media.

WFYI has grown into a 10,000 watt Class B radio station that is at the forefront of audible art in Indianapolis. In their new facility located in downtown Indianapolis they produce award winning radio programming that finds its way across the nation. Now they even offer their broadcasts in high definition for free. All of this amounts to one absolute truth. WFYI, the public broadcasting radio station, is no longer just for the old and stuffy. They present programming to enlighten and enrich the lives of all who care to listen.

WFYI-90.1 FM
1630 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Check out WFYI’s website and see what you can learn today.

Your current local Indianapolis news and information radio and TV sources are well-supplemented by the ubiquitous IndyStar Newspaper, as well as various excellent Indianapolis magazines.