WICR-88.7 FM Independent Student Indianapolis Radio Station

WICR-88.7 FM
broadcasts from the campus of our very own University of Indianapolis. The Indianapolis radio station, which is run in large part by the tireless efforts of both students and faculty, draws some help from The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis and other independent producers. While this is a fully operational radio station, WICR is first and foremost a hands-on educational tool for the future of Indianapolis radio. The independent Indianapolis radio station offers an exciting way for U of Indy students to gain the skills they will need in their broadcasting careers. No matter if those future jobs will be behind-the scenes as a station manager or producer, or an on air personality bringing the latest in news and events in Indianapolis to the people, 88.7 FM is there to show them how.
Although the station is now known as “The Diamond,” their beginnings were a bit less dazzling. The WICR Indianapolis radio station could first be heard on the FM dial in 1962 with a not so massive ten watts of power. You don’t need to have worked at WICR-88.7 FM to know that ten watts does not go too far. Their original programming had a focus on jazz and an early version of rock music. Fifteen years later 88.7 Fm started playing classical music during rush hour, then known as drive time. In 1982 the station had proven its worth among the many competing Indianapolis radio stations, and was granted an increase in their radiated power to 2,500 watts, a big increase to say the least. They were not content with the newly increased power, WICR wanted to run with the big boys of the Indianapolis media. Again their radiated power was increased, this time to 5,000 watts, which qualified them as a Class B licensed non-commercial Indianapolis local radio station. While this alone is an impressive wattage, “The Diamond” has some extra help. 88.7 FM broadcasts from a 1,000 foot antenna located in downtown Indianapolis, which in effect makes their radio wave coverage area equal to that of a 30,000 watt FM station. Not bad for a bunch of students and their teachers.

In the years since then, WICR-88.7 FM has moved its broadcasting studio several different times to accommodate the educational needs of its student operators. In 2005 all of their moving boxes and packaging tape was made obsolete. This marks the year that WICR took up residency in its very own state of the art facilities in Esch Hall, located on the University’s campus. The brand new digs are outfitted with five production studios, separate talk and Indianapolis news studios and an on air studio. From the station’s very beginning, they have focused on always working in accordance with the public interest of the Indianapolis community. Today they provide listeners with a play list consisting mostly of Jazz, with cuts from brand albums everyday at noon. Their programming is a great example of the diversity offered to the lovers of music in Indianapolis. Just one of the many examples of what makes Indianapolis culture so great.

WCIR-88.7 FM
Universtiy of Indianapolis
1400 E Hanna Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46227

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