WFBQ-94.7 FM Q95 Rocks Indianapolis Indiana

WFBQ-94.7 FM
is the home of classic rock in Indianapolis, and has been since the station changed formats on February 14, 1978. For a complete history lesson you need to travel back to 1955 when 94.7 FM was operating under the call sign WFBM. In the twenty plus years of the station’s existence before they found their sound, they tried several different formats that never quite caught on. When the talk programs didn’t work they went to Top 40, when that failed they tried “Stereo Rock.”

When Valentine’s Day rolled around in 1978, the station ditched all the packaged music and opted to go with album-oriented rock presented by live radio personalities. This also marks the date that the station changed its call letters one last time and became WFBQ-94.7 FM. If this still does not sound familiar to Indy radio listeners that’s because 94.7FM is better known as Q95 FM in the Indianapolis media.

While this station plays some of the best music in Indianapolis, there are those who would argue that the best entertainment provided by WFBQ has nothing to do music. The station was once the radio home to the biggest thing in Indianapolis sports. From 1998 to 2007, 94.7 FM was your source for Indianapolis Colts games. The partnership ended after the Colts victory in Super Bowl XLI. Since then our boys in blue can be heard on WLHK-97.1 FM, better known as “Hank FM.”

Since 1983 WFBQ-94.7 FM has been home to the nationally syndicated radio program “The Bob & Tom Show.” Co-hosts Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold are joined by Chick McGee and Indianapolis born and raised Kristi Lee every morning from 6:00am to 10:00am. These four radio icons have earned the right to be considered some of the most famous people in Indianapolis.

While Bob, Tom and Chick handle most of the funny business, Ben Davis High School‘s own Kristi Lee steps in to handle the news and events in Indianapolis. In fact it was on the airways of WBDG-90.9 FM that Kristi honed here radio skills. The show has become so popular that it now transcends the airways. You can catch a video broadcast of the morning show each night on Channel 59 WXIB on your television.

What WFBQ-94.7 FM broadcasts to downtown Indianapolis and its surrounding area has not changed much in the last thirty years. Some programs have come and gone but most have stood the test of time. The nucleus of Q95 FM’s programming is so familiar to Indy’s residents that it has become engrained in the culture of Indianapolis.

Change is not necessarily always a good thing, this station has proven that. Sometimes you need to know that when you hit the preset button on your car stereo, you’re going to hear something funny in the morning and something familiar at night.

WFBQ 94.7 FM/ Q95 Radio
6161 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Check out Q95 Radio’s website to learn more about the classic rock they play and the disc jockeys that bring it to you.