Turn Up the Radio: Indianapolis Love, Life and Relationships with Kim Iverson

women, listen up: there’s a new talk show in town, called “Your Time with Kim Iverson.” If you find yourself driving down the road and needing some advice, switch the dial to WZPL 99.5 and let Kim tell you all you need to know.

Kim Iverson hails from Austin, Texas, and her syndicated talk show has become a hit over the airwaves in Indy since she joined the lineup at ZPL in late 2008. Her specialty is empathizing with women and providing a forum for chatter on everything from beauty to men. Each weeknight from 7:00 p.m. to midnight, she does just that. Since Kim came on the Indy media scene, the airwaves have been buzzing with female gossip and chatter.

Her show suggests that “if you’re talking about it, then your girlfriend Kim is too.” And that’s the truth; if you call up Kim, you can expect to chat about anything from love and relationships to the best sales to beauty and fashion. All of this is blended with upbeat, girl-power pop music that adds some female empowerment. Celebrities, self-help experts, and even dream analyzers make regular appearances on her show for your listening pleasure.

With her quick wit and passionate views, Kim Iverson fits right in with the crew at Z 99.5. If you’re a fan of her show, you should also check out Dave Smiley on Smiley in the Morning. Smiley keeps you entertained on your way in to work with an energetic mix of music, gossip, and chatter, and makes sure you’re informed on the latest Indianapolis events. His cohost KJ throws in her colorful commentary, and Mindy Winkler adds to the mix with her traffic updates. Listeners are likely to have heard Mindy’s name before; she was an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader back before they played at Lucas Oil Stadium.

If you’re interested in celebrity gossip, then don’t miss another syndicated show in the afternoon on WZPL. If you haven’t flipped the dial to 99.5 for a while, you might be surprised to hear none other than entertainment powerhouse Ryan Seacrest gracing the airwaves. Kim takes over from Ryan and blends seamlessly from his show into hers, both of which are lighthearted and full of celebrity gossip and entertainment.

Ladies, next time you find yourself wanting some relationship advice or beauty tips, remember to let Kim Iverson help you out. You provide the radio; she’ll provide the show.